Common Reasons Why a Garage Door Is Not Opening Properly

Common Reasons Why a Garage Door Is Not Opening Properly

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the garage door is not opening

Garage doors rarely cause delays and inconvenience. Yet, it can be frustrating when the doors open only a few inches from the ground. Banging, clicking and stuck-up situations are few scenarios that can delay operations and schedules. However, knowing the reasons why these issues happen can change the story. There are several reasons why the garage door won’t open all the way. It may be because of various weather changes and human negligence. Also, it is easy to forget its working mechanisms. Moreover, it can be very dangerous when things get worse. 

Here are some of the common reasons why a garage door is not opening properly. Thus, A-team Garage Door Repair offers a few tips on how to deal with it. Have a quick look at the details and be sure to follow some of it.

Power Source

garage door power source

Technically, power-generated garage doors rely on their power source to function. It is ideal to keep an eye on the plugs and their power source. Also, it is important to check the connection between the door and its power source. Warning: Few issues on the lines can be very dangerous. Be sure to call and schedule a garage door repair service whenever you have a door issue. It is best to leave the job for the experts rather than dealing with the problem ourselves.

Why Does My Garage Door Open Only Halfway?

Garage doors often have the same signs when it is in trouble. Sometimes it jerks while opening or it only opens halfway. Thus, there are various reasons why it opens a few inches from the ground. Of course, it is best to deal with the issue right away.

emergency release

The garage door can be operated manually

Sudden power outages can be frustrating especially when we are using garage doors. Truly, the doors are open but it is only a few inches from the ground. All garage doors have a bypass. This bypass can let anyone operate the door manually. As an owner, it is ideal to know how to use the bypass during emergencies.

Yet, letting an expert deal with the problem can save us from all kinds of door troubles. Here is a quick guide on how to use the bypass:

  • Unlock the garage door. Ensure that all locks are open. Opened locks can help us in avoiding disruptions during manual lifting.
  • Unplug the garage door from its power source. Disconnecting the garage doors helps in avoiding electricity flows.
  • Find the location of the emergency release cord. The emergency release cord or the bypass is usually along the center rail. Release the red hand hanging along the garage door track and then we can operate the door manually.
garage door sensors

Blocked Sensors

Sensors rarely cause issues on the garage doors. Basically, garage door openers function when the sensors detect any object underneath them. Blocked sectors due to dirt and dust can cause delays. It is ideal to keep these sensors clean and free from distractions.
Misaligned Garage Door Sensors

Misaligned Sensors

Misaligned sensors can be frustrating. It can be very confusing when every garage door part is working and the doors fail to open fully. Checking the alignment of the sensors can do the trick. Of course, this is a little tricky. It is best to leave the job for the experts.

weather effects garage door

Weather Effects

Extreme weather changes can cause various damages to our garage doors. We cannot stop this from causing damage but we can do something to lessen the extent of the damages. It is ideal to keep the doors clean and free from motor issues. Also, the removal of snow on the motor parts can avoid any functionality issues. Be sure to call a trusted garage door repair company whenever things get out of hand. Of course, scheduling regular maintenance and inspection can do the trick.

Your Garage Door Torsion Springs Are Broken

broken garage door spring

Torsion springs have various types. And these types have corresponding repair processes. Thus, contacting our team can make things easier and convenient. First, we have to know the signs when the springs are in serious damage.

  • Disturbing sounds during opening and closing.
  • Extreme wear and tear on the springs.
  • Garage doors open midway.
  • Garage doors remain shut.
  • A sudden outburst of spring accessories.

Technically, dealing with any spring issue is handy. We have to know the type of spring used and equip ourselves with the right tools. It is ideal to call our trusted garage repair team to deal with it. Thus, an expert can do any garage door job way better than an uninformed one.

Your Cables Have Snapped or Popped Off

snapped garage door cable

Cables and springs are twin garage door accessories. When spring breaks, then the cables are at stake. Snapping of cables happens when it receives all the forces directed at the door. Technically, cables assist the springs in countering all forces directed at them. 

Spring issues can cause the cables to snap and create more trouble. Call a garage door repair specialist whenever the cables are in some sort of trouble. Also, make sure to keep the springs in their best condition.

Your Remote Control Is Malfunctioning

There are various reasons why remote controls fail to function. Here are some of the reasons why:

out of range garage door

You might be out of range

Remote controls function within a certain range. As an owner, it is our job to know how far the sensors can detect commands. The user’s manual or book have detailed information about the ranges. Thus, it is best to keep ourselves informed about a few things written in the book. 

garage door opener antenna

The antenna on the motor could be damaged or blocked

Antennas should be in great condition to avoid signal disruptions. Also, it is ideal to avoid obstructions like dust, rust, dirt, and other things that can block the signals. Disruptions can occur between the remote and the antenna. Removal of these can help smoothen the operation. 

garage door remote battery.

Battery change in the remote

As an owner, it is our job to know a few things about how long a remote control battery can last.  Basically, batteries can last within a span of a few years. It is ideal to replace old batteries to avoid remote control issues.

If all of these solutions fail, try programming the remote

Remote control issues can be stressful if all the above-mentioned solutions fail. Yet, reprogramming the remote functions might be the best solution to the problem. Call our A-team whenever the remotes are in serious trouble.

The Garage Door Is Off the Track

garage door is off the track

Basically, garage door rollers pass through the track. Any issues on the track can be very dangerous. The existence of dust, stones, and other debris can cause serious damages to the track. Removal of such devices helps avoid track accidents. It is best to schedule regular maintenance and inspection. 

The Garage Door Motor is Running But
You Cannot Open the Garage Door

garage door obstruction

See if the cables and springs are working. Thus, it is also ideal to check the alignments of all garage door motors to ensure that it is safe to use. Also, check the alignment of the sensors. Remove all obstructions and check all of the connections on the garage door.

The Garage Door Wall Switch Is Not Working

garage door led bulb

Sudden power shortages can cause damage to the accessories and functions of the door. Check if the LED is functioning right. If not, consider replacing those LEDs and let the switches function again. Also, we have to make sure that the power is on. Any power issue can cause serious damages to the switches.

Locked Door

A-Team Garage Door Repair
Locked-out or locked-in on the garage door can be frustrating. When this happens, it only means that there is some trouble on a certain garage door part. It is ideal to schedule regular maintenance to avoid garage door issues.
Luckily, A-team Garage Door Repair Company offers services that are right on the alley.
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