Garage Door Cable Repair

garage door cable repair

Garage door cables are some of the most important components, and it’s not hard to notice when things start going downhill with them.

The most common problem is wearing. You can’t avoid that, as these are mechanical components, after all. The wear may eventually cause you to have snapped garage door cables on your hands. Broken cables don’t exactly work very well, so a garage door cable repair is in order.

Cables connected to a drum can wind around it in an undesired fashion. Since the natural cable length becomes reduced, you find that your door movement gets restricted, and it becomes jammed. The cables can also become unwound, which is the other extreme of this problem. Repair is necessary here as well.

Garage door cables don’t always break when they start going bad, as fraying is always possible. Just as a rope begins to fray over time, your cables go through a similar process as they age. Fraying cables also call for a garage door cable replacement.

garage door cable repair
garage door cable repair

Garage Door Cable Issues

Dealing with broken garage door cables can be a real chore. Of course, if you call professionals like us into the mix when the problem starts occurring, we can get it taken care of for you. However, it’s important to know some of the issues that can lead to these problems with your garage door. Take notes of the information below.

The first problem is that cables can become jammed. Whether you’re opening or closing your garage door, the connected cables must go through a full range of motion to execute the movement you want. Jammed cables cannot complete the required movement, which means that your garage door only travels partially to its desired position. One of the most common examples is where one side of your garage door begins to droop. Pairs of cables don’t go bad simultaneously, so when one does, it creates this effect.

Rust is another issue and it’s synonymous with materials made of metal. Garage door cables typically are metal-based, which means rust can start to set in for different reasons. Of course, this means that the strength and longevity of the cable become reduced. Once your garage door cables begin to rust, it may be time to have them replaced before they snap.

Unwound cables can also be annoying because they mean a complete lack of tension, which prevents your garage door from moving effectively. The problem here tends to lie with the springs, as opposed to the cable.

Finally, there is natural aging. Cables get old, and the consistent work they must do begins to take its toll as time goes on. It’s wise to replace cables that are getting old, especially if they start fraying.

Types of Cables and Uses

garage door cable repair

No garage door system is complete without its cables. If there were none, garage doors would seem a lot heavier than they are today. Lift cables and safety cables are the two most important in any garage door system. Below is a quick overview of both, so you can understand where they fit into the mix.

garage door cables

Safety Cables

While lift cables work with torsion springs, safety cables work with garage door extension springs. The way the two are set up with the respective spring types defers. As opposed to the lift cable connected to the drum of a single, centered torsion spring, safety cables run vertically along the sides of the garage door. Of course, this is because they are connected to the springs, which exist in a pair with an extension spring system.

Overhead garage doors are there most common type that implements extension springs. Therefore, you can usually expect to see safety cables on them. Like lift cables and torsion springs, extension cables and extension springs also work under a lot of tension. Imagine having a breakage followed by a spring shooting off in some random direction.

Not only is that a hazard to humans, but anything that you may own in the garage could also take a devastating hit. Thankfully, these cables are designed to hold extension springs in place when there is a compromise, so nothing flies around the room.

Check your safety cables at regular intervals for rust, fraying, or corrosion. These visual cues are usually enough to indicate that something is going wrong, and you then have the information you need to call us, so it can be handled effectively. We handle all kinds of safety cable repair jobs.

Lift Cables

Lift cables are attached to garage door torsion springs. They consistently remain under an immense amount of tension, which allows them to reduce the garage door’s weight that you experience. Garage doors are very heavy implements, and components, such as a lift cable, help prevent you from feeling it yourself.

You can use the information above to identify common issues that your lift cables may be going through. Once you notice that something is up, we implore you to call us, so we can repair the cable at the earliest convenience. We do lift cable repair jobs, and we handle them very well.

safety cables

Why Trust A-Team Garage Door Repair as Your Professional Garage Door Repair Company?

A-Team Garage Door Repair

Garage door cable repair should always be handled by a team of professionals, such as A-Team Garage Door Repair. Addressing cable installation most safely and efficiently possible requires an intimate knowledge of industry standards and safety regulations. We have all this information at our disposal, and we use it to complete our cable replacement duties optimally.

It’s not recommended that you try to replace your garage door cables on your own. These pieces are always under tension, which means removing or fiddling with them can have dire consequences. Instead, consider letting us take care of it for you.

We have a team of experienced, licensed, and professional technicians that we deploy whenever you need us. Our services are accessible all seven days of the week, and we even have a same day service offering.

Note that a professional garage door repair company also saves you money and time in the long run by doing the job well at the onset.

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